How healthy is your Tribe?


Two of the best predictors of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment are industriousness and the ability to work well with others.

While there’s a hereditary component to these traits, you can develop positive micro-habits to enhance them.  One of Acton Academy’s secrets is how we forge heroes on a Hero’s Journey into a supportive tribe, and along with strong parental support, develop positive micro-habits.

But how do you know if your tribe is healthy and getting healthier?  How do you measure the mix of individual personalities and aspirations, and tell if they are multiplied by a common cause?   How do you detect wayward individuals or the rise of cliques and warring factions?

Welcome to the Culture Map a tool we’ve developed to measure the health of a tribe.

The Culture Map asks each Eagle how close he or she feels to every other Eagle, and where there might be an unresolved conflict.  By plotting the strength of relationships, you can measure if a group is moving more closely together or further apart.


Here’s how Middle School has progressed this year, from early in the year to the end of Session One to today.   The closer the Eagles are to the center, the closer they feel to each other.  Concentric rings around an individual indicate a conflict with another person.

Clearly, we have some work to do, but we’re moving in the right direction.


Launchpad has made even more remarkable progress.  Starting with a relatively close-knit tribe, and becoming even healthier as the year progressed.

What would the Culture Map look like at your place of work, your neighborhood or your place of worship?

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