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Rockets, planets and atoms – Oh my!

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Today we started our “Big and Small” quest, designed to explore the question of whether Eagles are more motivated “feeling small” in an infinite universe or “feeling big” in a microscopic one.

For the next six weeks, our eagles will be tackling difficult challenges in Cosmology, Physics and Chemistry, preparing for a Rocket Olympics the week of February 10th where they will launch rockets (purchased with Eagle Bucks) competing on height, distance, accuracy, beauty and design.

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Along the way, they’ll be learning the practical and theoretical power Newton’s Laws, the Four Fundamental Forces and the Scientific Method.

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Today we started with simple “table cloth” and “dropping object” challenges to experience inertia, gravity and the Scientific Method firsthand, with the results probed in a Socratic discussion.

All of this will prepare our Eagles for a Friday competition that will take cunning and logic – as well as serious attention the the Scientific Method – to win.