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The Power of Process Drama

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Process Drama  fuses imagination, improvisation and community.  Sound mysterious?   It is.

So what is the end result? In the words of one MS Eagle: “Character traits come to life and become habits,  through imagination, action and adventure.”

In years past, local artistic genius Nat Miller generously donated his gifts as a Process Drama Guide.  But if that  guiding genius cannot be spread to others, it’s not replicable.

So this year Middle Schoolers have taken over as Process Drama Guides for the elementary school, to rave reviews by all.

Why has Eagle led Process Drama been such a hit?  Again, in the words of a MS Eagle:

  1. It matters.  Imagination, creativity and character are an important part of a Hero’s Journey.
  2. You must learn the process. But if you do, it works.
  3. We are in charge. It’s something we create that transforms others.
  4. Process drama is hard work, but also lots of fun.

An excellent set of criteria for any Acton Academy Quest.