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The New Media Quest closed with a photography exhibition hosted at Zach Theatre’s Skyline Lounge. Eagles were responsible for planning, shooting, editing and printing a series of three original images. Their chosen theme for the exhibition was “life.”

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Attending parents and guests could browse their work, ask Eagles about their creative process and bid on their favorite print in a silent auction.

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In the days leading up to the exhibition, the Eagles discussed the question: how will you know the exhibition is a success?

  • Was it satisfaction for creating great work?
  • Was it selling all of your prints?
  • Was it leaving the guests in awe?
  • Was it just having a good time?

By the end of the exhibition not a single print remained in the lounge, and each artists left with some extra spending money.  Art may be its own reward, but so is selling  something you’ve made with your own hands.

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