A Curiousity Filled Summer

Middle school students all across America are eager to be released from bondage, looking forward to forgetting facts as quickly as possible.

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At Acton Academy, our middle school Eagles are preparing for six weeks of freedom and curiosity in Session Seven, exploring the questions that interest them most.

In the Inquiry Quest each Eagle will choose one or more of the following:


1. Attacking a SOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment), digging deeply into a serious question;

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2.  Taking something apart;

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3.  Building something useful with his or her own hands;

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4.  Working on mastering a new skill at DYI.

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Each Eagle will start with a Curiosity board, filled with puzzling questions.

Next a Project Plan and then the journey will begin.  (And yes, all of this will occur on the days when our Eagles aren’t in the real world working at their apprenticeships.)

Sure sounds like more fun than spending all summer forgetting random facts.

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