A Gold Medal in Interviewing

aa ms 5.19.14 6

One of our objectives this session was to “Ask Questions that Motivate a Tribe or a Nation” from a stage.  In other words, we asked the Eagles to learn how to interview someone in front of a live audience.


First Eagles studied great interviewers, from William F. Buckley to Oprah to Jon Stewart, noting the strengths and weaknesses of each.    Then each Eagle wrote (and re-wrote and re-wrote) an email inviting a hero to come to Acton  for a 20 minute live interview.

Once the invitation had been accepted, it was time to research, draft and send powerful questions and prepare for the week long Interview-A-Thon.

During the week Eagles heard from a globe trotting CEO; a Navy Spy; an award winning architect; a not-for-profit CEO who is changing lives in Africa; a world changing Bicycle Entrepreneur and many others.  Each had an inspiring Hero’s Story of trials and perseverance, as the Eagles made for a rapt audience.

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One of many highlights was Nikita interviewing her long time hero, two time Olympic Gold Medal Winner Garrett Weber-Gale.  Afterwards, Garrett couldn’t wait to send the video to his mother.

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Who knows? Perhaps we sowed the seeds this week for a future Gold Medal Winner.


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