A Sumo Robot Battle Royal: “Is artificial intelligence discovered or created?”

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Session Six focused on programming, artificial intelligence and securing world changing apprenticeships.

Eagles dug deeply into programming and artificial intelligence, including: coding in Python and EV3; solving real-world coding challenges; creating computer generated art and competing in weekly robotics contests.

Along the way Eagles learned lessons about how computers work, complexity theory, machine learning and other forms of artificial intelligence, all with constant drumbeat of Socratic questions over the true meaning of intelligence and consciousness.

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On Friday, we celebrated the session with a Robot Battle Royal  as well as a sharing of the “Why am I here?” video talks taped by each Eagle to describe his or her continuing Hero’s Journey.

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Of course, programming and robots weren’t our only focus this session, as each Eagle learned to find an apprenticeship by following Six Steps to Find a Life Changing Apprenticeship

  1. Find an adventure that matches your gifts and passions.
  2. Do deep research about your target company and who will be hiring you.
  3.  Create a compelling email, phone and in person pitch, each advancing you closer to hearing the magic phrase: “I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself!”
  4.  Craft a clear covenant between you, your employer and your parents.
  5.  Prepare to execute by showing up early, working hard, staying late and taking careful notes about who you meet and what you learn.
  6.  Follow up afterwards with a thank you note and request for a letter of reference.

Yes, some young people will be aimlessly wasting their time in college and afterwards living with their parents.  But not our Eagles – who already know how to identify, find and secure a challenging adventure, leading ever closer to a calling that changes the world.

A sure-fire way to guarantee  you’ll never be a replaced by a robot.


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