An Apprenticeship Celebration

Launching a new business; landing that special client or securing an apprenticeship – each of these is reason enough to celebrate with a friend.

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So on Friday the thirteen Acton Eagles who have secured an apprenticeship or started the negotiations for one took each other out for lunch to celebrate.

It was a humble celebration.  One Eagle, on seeing the outdoor taco restaurant  El Chilito remarked: “It’s exactly like a food trailer; just no wheels.”  Spartan though it may be, the food at El Chilito was delicious and it was a beautiful day to hike to lunch.

More importantly, we toasted the bravery of thirteen young heroes, each of whom had written an irresistible email , launched it into cyberspace and received an affirmative response.   Knowing how to discover, pitch and land your next adventure is a 21st century skill worth celebrating.

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