Calling all Patrons to the Art Quest


During Session Seven many Eagles are out on apprenticeships; often families choose to travel for all or part of the summer.  The pace in the Middle School and Launchpad studios slows.  Exactly the right time to explore the artist in each of us and the following questions during the Art Quest:

  • Are artists born or created?
  • Can everyone become an artist or just a gifted few?
  • What do all artists, from ancient cave painters to Michelangelo to modern graphic designers all have in common?


In the first part of the Art Quest, Eagles dove deeply into basic drawing skills, from learning how to “see” as an artist; to using pencil to draw hands, feet and faces; to the subtle techniques of shading.


Next Eagles shifted to ink and landscapes, and later the use of color and drawing mythical beasts, as well as using watercolor.

File_002 File_003 File_004 File_005

Finally, it was time to move to the business side of art: assembling a body of work; pricing pieces and preparing just the right displays for the exhibition.

Was the Art Quest a success?  Let’s just say that like our earlier New Media Quest, the patrons voting with their pocketbooks certainly seemed to think so.

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