Does the Apprenticeship Quest work? Just ask Karl Rove.


Acton Academy has a proven model for Middle School and Launchpad Eagles who want a life-changing apprenticeship.  It’s one of the most popular challenges we offer.

The Apprenticeship Quest takes each Eagle through the following steps:

What do you want?

How do the adventures you have chosen match with your gifts, passions?

Have you done deep research?

Do you have deep knowledge about the person you are pitching, including what he or she cares deeply about and the hiring process and position?

 Do you have a compelling pitch?

Do you have an email, phone and in person pitch that cannot be refused?

Do you have a clear covenant? 

Have you agreed on a clear set of terms with your parents and the business owner describing what you have promised and what you can you expect?

Are you ready to execute? 

Are you willing to show up early, work hard, stay late and take careful notes about who you meet and what you learn?

Will you follow up afterward?

Did you write a sincere thank you note and ask for a letter of recommendation?

Along the way, Eagles learn to manage a portfolio of apprenticeship possibilities, including a “dream opportunity,” a “reach opportunity” and a “sure thing.” Important preparation for landing a “next adventure” later in life.

Does it work?  A recent middle schooler who has a passion for political science followed the formula with Uber-Politico Karl Rove.

He followed the process, and:

  • Wrote a genuine “you are my hero” email asking for a five minute phone call to explain how apprenticeships work.
  • During the call, he asked for a ten minute in person meeting to explain how he could serve.
  • At the in-person meeting, he asked for a chance to prove himself, promising to show up early, stay later and do whatever was asked with excellence.

The result?  A life changing apprenticeship with one of the giants of politics.

And the kicker?  This young man had already completed all of his formal apprenticeship requirements.

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