Ready for the job interview of your life?


“Ready for the job interview of your life?”  That’s the question Launchpadders faced during the Free Agent Quest Exhibition on Friday, fully knowing in the 21st Century there’s no such thing as a secure career path.

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Each Launchpadder interviewed with a successful entrepreneur, asking: “Will you give me a chance to prove myself?” in an industry and function he or she had chosen as a “next great adventure.”


All of this a culmination of six weeks of exploring gifts and passions, asking:

  • “Why am I here?”
  • “What’s my next big step?” and
  • “What will it take to get there?”


What mattered most?  Commitment.  Putting a stake in the ground for a passion and deliberate practice that will pay the bills and lead to a calling.


Launchpadders also pitched Hero’s Progress allegories, up to 20,000 word Pilgrim Progress-like tales of heroes who embark on a great adventure, only to encounter Victim, Distraction and Resistance, villains determined to thwart the quest and throw the hero into a fiery hell of eternal mediocrity.

Direction; passion; valuable individual skills plus a deep understanding of yourself. Add fun with friends, and that’s what Launchpad’s all about.

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