Sleepy geniuses

Friday morning, and everyone’s tired.  Yet the Eagles lean in.  They show up.  They do what they said they’d do- they are present and real.  Fridays are a big day for the Running Partner relationship.  SMART goals set on Monday are reconciled with achievements made or missed; points are tallied.  Running partners sit next to each other to optimize encouragement and accountability.

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We’re asking questions about motivation all year long.  This morning, we opened with a look at the Latin root – “mot”, meaning “move”- and discussed whether a person is better moved by a push, from a pull, or from the momentum of someone beside them moving in the same direction.

At closing, another question:  what should I blog about this weekend?     “Clean-up; we’re really get good at that,” one Eagle suggested (parents please take note!).

“Collaboration.  It’s been very intentional and we are a lot smarter when we work together and learn from each other,” another offered.

“The DANCE!” Lillian begged, meaning of course the Carl Rogers dance (you’ll learn more at the Motivation Heroes debate on Oct. 10th….).

But the number one most popular answer to “what should I blog about?” was…..  Poker!!!  Have a great weekend, and try not to lose too many eagle Bucks to Jack.


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