Town Council, Property Rights and the Separation of Powers

An exchange of letters between diplomats.  Tension, with the possibility of all out war. Misunderstandings.  A flurry of activity within and between the leaders of two democracies. Finally, a peace treaty.

History class?  Europe, just prior to World War One?  No, just another day at Acton Academy.

It seems that Middle Schoolers are disturbing the peace of Silent Core Skills for Elementary Eagles, especially now that spring has come to Austin and classroom windows are open.  Likewise for the Middle Schooler’s Silent Core Skills when the Elementary Eagles are on free time.  Plus, disagreements about the intensity of dodge ball and how younger Eagles can be included in Middle School games without the risk of injury.

photo (310)

Town Council meetings can be unruly, even to the point of wasting time – just like real world democracies. But eventually conflicts get worked out, property rights are re-established and civil society is sewn back together, stronger than it was before.

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Next fall we’ll grow from twelve Eagles to twenty five in the Middle School.  Time to revisit the US Constitution and hold a Socratic Discussion about how the separation of powers might help the Eagles create an even more effective governance system.

It’s one thing to read about the Founders.  Quite another to be a Founder yourself, and face their same struggles.  No question which approach better prepares the leaders of tomorrow.

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