Hard work.  Last minute scurrying. Lights. Adrenaline. Showtime.  Celebration.

Then, the morning after. An energy hangover.

Some Eagles are distracted.  Others listless.  A few, uncharacteristically sleep in.

photo (158)

Others build protective walls in order to recharge, an innovative approach to self preservation.

photo (159) photo (160)

All of this is a natural part of the ebb and flow of human creativity.  Rest. A phenomenon to be explored; a ritual to be incorporated next year..

Some schools consider the week before Christmas a “dead week.”  We’d never be that disrespectful towards time, but building in a purposeful lull to recharge does make sense; a time to just “be” for a few hours; a time for mindfulness; a time for rest.

Most of the afternoon we worked on Portfolios, synthesizing the work of three months into a celebratory narrative.  Tomorrow we finish these portfolios, and begin to look towards the adventures of next semester.

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