A sprint towards reality

Whew! Another Acton Academy session completed.

Weeks and weeks of “intentionality” – this session’s battle cry –  sprinkled with fun and intense learning.  One Eagle captured it perfectly: “This session seemed to fly by in a day.”

The Salem Witch Trials; assembling portfolios; serious reflection; anticipation of next session’s adventure – it was a busy, high energy, intentional final week.

Not every Eagle finished with an apprenticeship; a few have been rejected several times and now must go to “Plan D, E and F.”  Not every Eagle completed the lofty end of session goals, so our special group outing was postponed.

Sure, it would have been easier if we had adjusted the goals, so everyone could win.  If we made exceptions so there was a fairy tale ending.  If we made sure our Eagles won the game every time.

But that’s not the way the real world works.  Our goal isn’t college ready graduates, nursed on “straight A’s” and cheap self esteem.  Not poseurs, nor those who hide behind false perfection. Never “cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.”

Instead, our goal is to equip and inspire Eagles to succeed and fail – fighting a worthy fight; becoming who they were meant to be; building deep and nurturing relationships.

Heroes who will change the world, real world heroes who are willing to accept – and even celebrate — the bumps, bruises and disappointments that reality demands to make a real difference.

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