Welcome back – at least to a few

Today was our first day back from a two week Spring Break, at least for a few Eagles.

photo (291)

As you’ll see from the photo above, we had quite a few “no shows” this morning. Sleeping in? Spring Fever?  A flu epidemic?

Not hardly.

You see, many of our Eagles are working at their apprenticeships.  For some, what was meant to be a four day experiment has turned into a two week (or longer) assignment.

One Eagle emailed last night about her apprenticeship:

“I’m glad to say that  things have been great!  I’m learning about all of the positions and roles in the communication department, sitting in on meetings and learning SO much.  Everybody here is so kind and it’s inspiring how they’re doing something meaningful.

In fact, tomorrow I will be working so I won’t be able to come to school.  Hopefully, for the rest of the week I’ll be able to come for at least part of the school day.”

Later I heard from her mother that this Eagle hated to miss the first day back, but “had a 2 PM meeting that was too important to miss.”

Eleven years old, and already too busy changing the world to rush back to school.

Don’t worry. She’s several years ahead of grade level, so this industrious Eagle — working on the side — is still likely to finish her high school academic requirements while she is still in middle school.

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