Acton Launchpadder Chris Carpenter Goes Glamping

If you want to enjoy some Acton Academy laughs, check out Amanda and Jack Go Glamping,  a lighthearted romantic comedy featuring Chris Carpenter as an Acton-like Lord of the Flies character.  Every few minutes, I found myself chuckling at a reference to badges, SMART goals or another Acton ritual.

Chris has worked hard on his acting, directing and filmmaking skills, and it shows, both in his starring roles in various local productions and his work in  Amanda and Jack Go Glamping.  He’s a real pro.

The indie film – which can be found on Amazon or I-tunes or select local theaters — is directed by former Acton parent Brandon Dickerson, and Acton parents Jeff and Marcy Carpenter and Steve and Jenny Williams serve a Executive Producers.

Seeing Chris’s performance as an Eagle-in-the-woods is alone worth the price of admission!

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