An Election Update

Since Eagles run our Studio, Council elections are much more important than at traditional schools.  Energy is high as preparations continue for Thursday’s speeches and election.

Today, we combined our overarching question of the year, “What motivates a hero?” with the campaigns by asking: “Can an Acton election be earned or bought?”

The ten Eagles running for office were charged with collecting Eagle Bucks from classmates for violations of the Rules of Engagement or Community Standards (“Can you ask for an Eagle Buck while still being encouraging?”) and allowed to award Eagle bucks for extraordinary acts of kindness or accountability. (“Can you resist the temptation to try and bribe your classmates?”)

The results were impressive.  Only a handful of Eagle Bucks were collected or awarded, but the room hummed with energy during Core Skills and Project Time.  One Eagle accumulated 35 skills in Khan Academy in a single day.

photo (444)

The Eagle Buck tally was tabulated and displayed along with campaign slogans.

photo (445) photo (446) photo (447) photo (448)

Campaign posters continued to proliferate.

photo (449)

One group began to offer political consulting advice – for an Eagle Buck fee.  Another took a poll of likely voters – again, charging for their service.

All of this while still working hard on reading, reading, arithmetic AND finishing writing a Eulogy and Epitaph.  Civil society in action.  Alexis de Tocqueville would be impressed.

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