Blacking Out

photo (306)

Khan Academy and the various other game based adaptive math programs make teaching math an anachronism.  Our Eagles have proven they can learn math, even though we no longer teach it.

Two of our Eagles have “blacked out” all of the Khan skills in mathematics and pre-algrebra.  That’s seven years of math mastered in less than nine months.

Several more Eagles will finish all of the pre-algebra skills in the next few weeks, and every middle school Eagle will reach the same lofty goal by the end of the summer term.  All of despite the fact we haven’t taught a minute of math in the studio.

Eagles learn at a rapid clip; Eagles lead each other through Socratic questioning; adults stay out of the way.  There’s an avalanche headed towards your favorite school system, and it will be a lot more fun to be surfing it than being swept away.

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