Intentional Water Fights

Lots of serious intentionality today.  During Core Skills, you could feel the brainwaves in the air, made even more serious by complete silence.  Eagle Heroes at work.

During PE and lunch, a high energy water fight broke out and continued full force. The far ranging water war became the subject of an Elementary School Town Hall meeting, with younger Eagles split between censuring and joining in the fun.

As Project Time kicked off at 12:30 PM, many Eagles dripping wet.  But wet or not, the mood changed back to serious learning.  After all, deadlines loomed next week for Hero Speeches, travel budgets, itineraries and Google Earth tours of far off lands.  The deep concentration continued until 2:45 PM, broken only by a brief Charlie Break at 2 PM.

When asked about the day’s blog theme, one Eagle suggested “Intentional Water Fights” and heads nodded all around.

Work hard. Play hard. Work hard again.  Not a bad motto for becoming a hero who changes the world.

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