Cold Calling for Apprenticeships: A Profile in Courage


Each Eagle at Acton Academy learns to identify special gifts, find “flow” in daily work and discover irresistible opportunities, all in search of a calling that will change the world.   As part of “trying on” different callings to see if they fit, Eagles pursue, obtain and execute apprenticeships, beginning in middle school.

Last week a twelve year old Eagle asked permission from his parents to leave campus.  He walked four blocks to a hospice, paused to gather his bravery, and stepped through the door.

He found the receptionist: “Excuse me.  Do you have four minutes for me to ask you about your work here, or should I come back later when it might be more convenient?”

Assured that now was a good time, he continued with his pitch.  A minute later he found himself in a conference room in an interview.  After exactly four minutes, he prepared to take his leave, but was asked to stay longer.

By the end, our brave Eagle made a new friend in the receptionist and had two  conversations with residents who were ready to recommend him for the job, and left with  several names within the organization of those who might offer an apprenticeship.

He later told his studio mates: “Yes, it was scary at first, but now that I’ve done it once,  I’m looking forward to my next interview.  Cold calling in person is a great way to learn more about an apprenticeship and to sell yourself.”

It took a great deal of courage to walk into a hospice unannounced.  The reward?  The confidence to walk into any business and take the first step towards finding a calling.


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