Were the Middle Ages Really the “Dark Ages?”

Middle ages

This session’s Civilization Quest is focused on the Middle Ages.

Were the Middle Ages really the Dark Ages?  How was daily life in a feudal society different than our own?   Did the rise of Christianity and Islam hasten the fall of Rome?  How important were Christianity and Islam to the rise of modern civilization?  Are the problems we face today echoes of the past or something new?

Were Constantine; Charlemagne and Luther heroes or not?  Was the Catholic Church a stabilizing force for good or destined to become a corrupt self serving bureaucracy?  Where the Crusades a Holy War or a poorly planned misadventure of ruffians?   Was the plague avoidable?   Could it happen again today? Should we see the Magna Carta as inevitable or an act of bravery that changed the world?

Disconnected questions?  No, simply examples of the questions Eagles drafted for their Socratic Discussions, after doing original research, watching Great Courses videos and participating in hands on simulations.


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