Heroes, Victims, Drones and Poseurs


We ask a lot of our Middle School and Launchpad Eagles. Each has to self manage over a dozen badges per year – some of which seem like drudgery if you subscribe to the “teacher  in charge” mode of learning, rather than imagining badges as ways to collect, communicate and celebrate hard work, growth and achievement.

In a recent launch we discussed four types of learners: Drones, Victims, Poseurs and Heroes.

As the Eagles put it during the discussion:

Drones do a task because someone says they have to. They wait for instructions and grudgingly go through the motions.”

Victims get paid in pity. Until you realize they are just looking for excuses. Then you  stop listening.”

Poseurs are looking for cheap rewards. They fake their way through life.”

Heroes get knocked down and get back up.

We explored ambiguity and the courage it takes for heroes to move forward in the face of uncertainty.  We discussed the difference between hollow promises and getting the job done.  We debated the real meaning of rewards and badges for heroes.

Yes, each of us will play the part of a Victim, Drone or Poseur on an off day.  But Acton Eagles quickly discard these false masks.  Because each Eagle knows what it means to be a hero who is determined to change the world.

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