Patience is Rewarded

We struggle mightily with middle school studio culture day to day.

Sometimes it helps to realize that no matter how many times we misstep, an Acton studio works in the long run. Period.

Today we received this note from a parent:

I was reviewing an independent essay my son wrote for an academic audition. What 8th grader can whip out a 500 word piece like that in one day, completely unguided and without any pre-draft collaboration, while surrounded by a big group of middle school friends? 

 Acton Academy has prepared him for life in ways that other schools would never consider. The fact that he’s been able to traverse the bureaucracy, identify the deliverables, use Google Docs and scanners to compile everything together, and submit on time without almost any help is truly remarkable.

Hats off.

Later, his uncle added:  Not exaggerating, that essay would get a perfect score on the GMAT essay section.

Be patient.  Acton Academy works in the long run.

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