“Poppy needs help. Stat.”

A few weeks ago, as part of our Detective Quest, each Eagle was given a pair of rubber surgical gloves.  One especially creative Eagles filled a glove with water, then used a black marker to draw eyes, a nose and a mouth, and named his creation “Poppy.”

photo (198)

Poppy became a class pet.  When Poppy sprung a leak, students rushed to “save him,” even establishing an OR to perform “Poppy surgery.”

Soon more and more students created and adopted their own Poppies.  Even after we started charging a hard earned Eagle Buck  for a surgical glove, the mania continued.  Eagles were close to obsession over their charges.

photo (197)

At first, I’ll admit the whole episode seemed a distraction.  But after close observation, I believe there’s something deeper going on.

  • Middle School Eagles welcome having “life and death” responsibility over another, even a make believe pet.
  • Exercising such important care leads to a more closely knit community.
  • Plus, it’s fun.

Just another example of Eagles preparing, in their own way,  for making real life decisions that will change the world.  And a lesson for Guides who want to inspire and motivate Eagles to take on real world challenges.  They are ready and hungry to do so.

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