Cardboard, Claire Boxes, Creativity and Joy

Some days the noise at Acton Academy can be distracting: the buzz of collaboration; critiquing and Rosetta-chatter.

So an Eagle-inventor took cardboard and duct tape and created the Claire-Box, a personal cocoon named after it’s inventor. Claire-Boxes became quite popular.


Yesterday was a beautiful day in Austin, bright and sunny.

Eagles rushed outside for lunch. Soon Claire-Boxes were converted into cardboard sleds, and the hillside was filled with Eagles sliding, riding and rolling together on cardboard magic carpets, laughing and screaming with delight.

Destruction of school property?  Hardly.  More like transformation.  And clinging with all your heart to childhood play.

Hard work. Creativity. Friends. Enjoying the gift of a warm spring day.  Pure joy.

Thank you for the lesson and the memory.

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