Using Stories to Sell on the Internet

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“Imagine this, you are a fourteen year old…”

So began the pitches of our Middle School Eagles, each using storyboards to convince successful real world entrepreneurs that his or her website needed to be build.

Our judges were experts in Entrepreneurship, Sales and Sales Funnels

  • Bill Jones led a project to build the largest mine in the world in Australia, and leads Acton MBA discussion on how to launch successful businesses;
  •  John Lawson used the sales funnel he built to sell over $15 billion in insurance to some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in America.
  • James Jones used a sophisticated telesales and online sales funnel to buy millions of dollars in oil and gas mineral interests.

Each Eagle’s pitch moved from: (1) hooking the customer to (2) increasing the level of desire to (3) presenting benefits to (4) qualifying and closing.

Powerful images and phrases told each story with as few words as possible. In many cases, Unit Economics measured the risk and return of the sales funnel. In the end, the goal was clear:  would customers make a purchase?


In the semi-finals, groups of eight presented to one of our entrepreneur judges. One or more Eagles advanced to the finals, once again pitching to see who would be selected as the overall winner.

Telling powerful stories.  Mastering 21st Century technology. Learning a critical skill like internet sales.   A blend of old and new learning at Acton Academy and a fitting end to our second session.


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