Who is the Ultimate Authority in the Natural World?

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During Session Four, Eagles stepped into the shoes of over thirty Biology heroes, experiencing firsthand the courage it takes to demolish scientific paradigms in a search for truth, and move from the discovery phase of science to invention and then to innovation to transform ideas into tangible advances.

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At the Biology Quest Exhibition, we celebrated the evolutionary creativity Eagles showed in delivering experiments about Cells, Plants, Animals, Humans and Biospheres, while exploring whether an apprenticeship with a paradigm buster, a puzzle solver or a data gathering type of scientist seemed to best match each Eagle’s passions.

Bio 5

Eagles also took part in a Biology Bee to show how much they had learned about the natural world.

After all, the goal of learning about science at Acton Academy isn’t to simply repeat some tired historical experiments or memorize facts, but to use deep insights into nature as a way to change the world.

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